RADIO organizes WCS-IoT 2015 workshop

On September 4th 2015, the consortium of RADIO organized the International Workshop on Components and Services for IoT platforms (WCS-IoT 2015) which took place at
Imperial College in London. The workshop was organized by Prof. Michael Huebner (RUB), Prof. Nikolaos Voros (TWG) and Dr Georgios Keramidas (TWG).

The scope of the workshop was to explore Internet of Things (IoT) as an evolving trend, which will cover the whole world and requires the most efficient technology that has ever been produced. This is because IoT enables all kinds of smart objects (e.g., smart sensors and actuators) to communicate and interact with each other across different networks and domains. A plethora of new services and applications are or must be created revealing the potential to create substantial new markets and to stimulate existing ones. However, it is also quite clear that on the way to a fully connected cyber-physical world numerous challenges have to be addressed. As with every new technology wave, we are witnessing a debate regarding industry standards striving to find a position in the IoT marketplace.

WCS-IoT workshop intents to foster dialogue and interaction among researchers from academia and industry addressing the contemporary challenges in IoT platforms, services, tools, programming languages, and applications. In particular, special emphasis will be given if the current or under development IoT standards meet the specifications of the IoT-related considerations like low-power, time-to-market, connectivity, reliability, interoperability, security, and privacy. Do or don’t we need a new IoT standardization bodies or initiatives? Finally, as part of this workshop, the research outcomes of current research European projects related to IoT platforms, services, APIs, tools, and applications are welcomed to be presented. New possibilities for synergies between European companies and research institutes will be explored in the context of future European funded projects.

WCS-IoT 2015 was attended by more than 50 attendees from US, Europe and Asia. During the workshop, two invited speakers, Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon (EPFL, Switzerland) and Mr Alon Moss (CloudTag, UK) presented their latest research results. On behalf of RADIO, Mr Philipp Wehner (RUB) presented the latest reasearch achievements of the project.

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