RADIO at DASIP 2017 in Dresden

Dr. Christos Antonopoulos, from partner organisation Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, presented the RADIO project at DASIP 2017 held in Dresden during 27-29 of September 2017.
The presentation offered an overview of the multifaceted research activities undertaken within the project. Emphasis was given on the RADIO system end-to-end architecture and the various integration challenges that was were tackled. Then some insight details were presented regarding the main axis of the project as follows.
Firstly, the Activities of Daily Life (ADLs) algorithms designed and developed enabling the accurate detection and quantification of simple as well as complex typical home activities were presented.
Secondly, a brief overview of the hardware design and development advances towards optimal use of heterogeneous computational resources was analysed.
Thirdly, the required underlying communication technologies employed and respective novelties proposed, in order to offer an efficient, robust and versatile data management infrastructure were also discussed.
Finally, the three AAL House premises designed and developed in the context of RADIO project as well as the comprehensive evaluation/piloting plan were highlighted.