The EURONEWS TV Channel chooses to showcase RADIO

The International TV Channel Euronews prepared a 4-minute documentary on the research activities and progress of the RADIO project. Selected among many other EU funded Horizon 2020 projects, the documentary airs on Euronews TV channel on 5 June 2017 for the whole week during the FUTURIS show.

The producer and filming crew visited the two AAL spaces in Greece of partners TWG (ESDA Lab) in Patra and NCSR Demokritos (Roboskel Lab) in Athens, at the end of May over a two-day shoot to record project progress. Additionally, partner Frontida Zois arranged for filming to take place at a selected elderly user's home in Patra to showcase how the fully operational RADIO system will be put to good use in the future.

The story is available online in various languages:

More from the ESDA Lab visit on 25 May:
More from the Roboskel Lab visit on 26 May:

Tune in to watch the story air LIVE on EURONEWS TV channel during these broadcasting times (CEST - Brussels time):

Tuesday 06 June: 18:15 & 01:45

Wednesday 07 June: 10:15 & 16:45 & 02:45

Thursday 08 June: 14:15 & 17:15 & 01:45

Friday 09 June: 11:45 & 16:45

Saturday 10 June: 06:45 & 12:15 & 17:45 & 22:15

Sunday 11 June: 00:45 & 14:15 & 20:45

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